Extensive Product Design Portfolio

“Providing leading edge design in a diverse range of fields.”

Bushnell's Product Design Portfolio

Astro-Tool Corp. - Stratos Fly Fishing Reel

Picture of Stratos Fly Fish Reel Bushnell created the award-winning design of the Stratos Fly Fishing Reel. A patent was granted for the remarkably smooth drag system design.


Bowflex Extreme Model, product design done by Bushnell Engineering Bushnell Engineering completed several design and engineering projects relating to their well-known exercise equipment and airbed system. We also created a design for an exercise resistance system that was awarded U.S. and foreign patents.

Materials and Manufacturing processes included:

  • Injection Molding
  • Steel Stampings
  • Aluminum Extrusions
  • Large Tube Bending

Dental Technologies - Impression System

Dental Tray Photo, product designed by Bushnell Engineering Bushnell designed a line of dental trays and a pneumatic impression material delivery system that improved dental impression accuracy and reduced cost when compared to existing methods. This product design resulted in two patents being granted.

Fiskars/Gerber Legendary Blades

Exploded Model of Fiskars/Gerber Key tool created by Bushnell Bushnell was originally contracted to address engineering issues with the stamped handles for their multi-plier product line. We were then directed to design a special Multi-plier tool for the U.S. Special Forces and one for Equestrians. Our most recent product design was a small keychain tool, the "KeyStyle". The manufacturing methods included: Injection Molded Plastics, Die and MIM casting, Machining, and Stamping.

Micro Monitors/Serveron- Gas Extractor and Analysis

Gas Extractor and Filter design done by Bushnell Engineering Bushnell Engineering worked with chemists and electrical engineers to design analytical equipment to extract and test gas in transformer oil. We designed several manifolds, filter housings, and valves that are used to move and analyze the transformer gases. Two U.S. Patents were granted as a result of these designs.

Intel - Pick and Place Robot

Bushnell Engineering designed and constructed a Pick and Place pneumatic robot for end of line testing of computer processors. The testing included; vibration, dynamic and thermal shock up to 100 degrees Celsius.

Northwest Regulator - Alternator/Starter Tester

Bushnell developed several Industrial Design concepts leading to the design and build of a new Automotive Alternator and Starter tester for Auto parts stores. The manufacturing methods included Rotomolded plastics, sheet metal forming and machined steel.

S.R. Smith - Big Dipper and Little Dipper Pool Slides

Left: Big Dipper Slide model, Right: Little Dipper Slide actual photo Bushnell Engineering provided several Industrial design concept drawings and designed two new pool slides that are manufactured using Rotomolded plastic replacing outdated and costly fiberglass slides.

Vapor Fuel Technologies, LLC (VFT, LLC)- Fuel Saving Technology

Photo of The VFT System designed by Bushnell Engineering Bushnell Engineering has developed a breakthrough fuel system for use on passenger vehicles for Vapor Fuel Technologies. The system that Bushnell designed uses standard gasoline yet demonstrated a 30.1% increase in fuel efficiency during independent testing in California. Several patents have already been granted naming Bushnell as an inventor and several more patent applications are filed, both in the U.S. and abroad. For more information about Vapor Fuel Technologies and Bushnell's involvement please visit www.vftllc.com.